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FLASH No. 2 14 January 2015

         From the first issue of ‘Flash’ (December 2014), the events that unfolded have reached a tragic peak: the Paris terrorist attacks (7-8 January 2015). On the one side, a reckless and coward attack of militant Jihadism upon the West (its symbols, first of all the freedom of speech, but also multicultural cohabitation) and on the other side, a massive and swift response of the Western civilization when confronted with barbarity. These events will constitute the subject for the next issue of Flash

Sailing the unsettled South Caucasus through troubled waters towards regional integration

Just like other parts of Eurasia, the South Caucasus is facing the challenge of a renewed East-West geopolitical competition underpinned by three evolving challenges: 1) a growing ideological gap between Russia and the West; 2) the chronic persistence of the protracted conflicts; 3) the dilemma of the post-Soviet states: European vs. Eurasian integration.