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Premierea cărții "The Eastern Partnership. A turning point in EU-Russia relations?"

Pe data de 16 aprilie 2015, Fundația Culturală Magazin Istoric a decernat premiul annual pentru contribuții ale cercetării istorice “Alexandru Boldur” domnului Vasile Rotaru pentru cartea “The Eastern Partnership. A turning point in EU-Russia relations?”. Ceremonia de premiere s-a desfășurat în cadrul celei de-a XXIII-ea ediție a Simpozionului de Istorie și Civilizație Bancară “Cristian Popișteanu”.

FLASH April 28, 2015



    April 28, 2015

1.  JAPAN, “ A DECLINING POWER” ? It’s rare today in the world to read this kind of  assessment as the following:"We regard ourselves as a declining power. The idea, is for example, [is] the ability and know-how [for the] Maritime Self-Defense Force [to defend] a US ship deployed in a Japanese flotilla; it may be possible to defend a US ship when an attack on that ship does not directly or will not directly threaten Japan's security. But technically even that is not allowed" [...]

ABOUT DISSOLUTION OF RUSSIA. President of Russia, V. Putin has declared that Western leaders  are ready for the Russia’ disintegration as an unitary state. Talking about the Chechen War (   2000 ) , says Putin ,  "My counterparts, a lot of presidents and prime minister told me later on that they had decided for themselves by then that Russia would cease to exist in its current form./…/The only question was when it happens and what consequences would be." [...]


Flash 23 aprilie 2015

 ROOTS OF DAESH . What is the real story behind the resurrection of the Caliphate - the rebirth of an Muslim world’s old institution which has disappeared with the last Ottoman sultan at the beginning of the Ataturk era in Turkey- in parts of Syria and Iraq, the question –what it is about ? ‘Der Spiegel’ gives us a hint: it started with the death of an unknown person  under the bullets of a Syrian rebel group: “  In fact, not even those who shot and killed him after a brief firefight in the town of Tal Rifaat on a January morning in 2014 knew the true identity of the tall man in his late fifties. They were unaware that they had killed the strategic head of the group calling itself ‘Islamic State ‘ (IS)"


Defense Commission of the British Parliament: “The UK cannot afford to ignore these challenges and retreat to isolation”.

Several days ago the UK parliament published a report carried out by its Defense Commission. Its purpose is to define what kind of armed forces should UK have in 2020. What is extremely important is the assessment of the security situation in Europe on which it is based the report’s conclusions and recommendations. Under the idea of “Re-thinking defence to meet new threats” the report  is considering that the world is „more dangerous and unstable since the end of the Cold War”.[...]

First an foremost it is affirmed that UK cannot afford to retreat in isolation and should play a constructive role in maintaining  and restoring security. Secondly, it is assessed that in actual international  circumstances, in comparison with the previous decisions - to prepare a force able to intervene alongside the allies in one outside hotspot  ( as Afghanistan )- “Now there is a requirement to support stability in a dozen different theatres simultaneously, and to engage with both unconventional and conventional threats.” But to do that is clearly beyond the resources of only one country, so UK should be able to be part of a broad coalition or alliance for confronting the new and multiple threats.

FLASH 1 Martie 2015

FLASH  1  – Martie 2015
1. UCRAINA: PIATRA DE INCERCARE A RELATIILOR USA- RUSIA   [...]Criza ucraineana are inca potentialul de a deveni , in intregimea ei , un “protracted conflict” cu urmari serioase asupra structurii de securittate din Europa si asupra ordinei globale. Intelegerea in format “Normandia” de la Minsk ( 12 februarie 2015 ) care a statuat o incetare a focului in Estul Ucrainei nu da semne de a avea efectele asteptate asupra stabilizarii situatiei , mai mult , in ultima vreme , s-au inmultit semnele deteriorarii acesteia.
KRUGMAN vs DELONG    Acordul SUA-Europa in domeniul economic (TTIP ) nu ocupa un loc important in atentia expertilor din Romania, concentrati mai ales pe problematici geopolitice de mari dimensiuni legate de evolutia crizei ucrainene. Chiar daca , tocmai din aceasta perspectiva , numitul acord ar trebui sa fie in raza lor de vizibilitate pentru a le intregi analiza, situatia nu este deloc asa. Daca aceasta lacuna analitica se datoreaza perceptiei ca SUA se departeaza de Europa de Est ( ceea ce nu este adevarat ) sau sentimentului ca Germania, ca lider al UE , are anumite aprehensiuni fata de TTIP si deci soarta acestuia este in “mana celor mari” este greu de evaluat.
ARMATA EUROPEANA VAZUTA DE UN EUROSCEPTIC  Presedintele Comisiei Europene ,Jean Claude Juncker,  a chemat , acum 10 zile, la construirea unei armate europene pentru  ca astfel  statele organizatiei sa faca fata challenge-urilor strategice ale secolului XXI. Evident ca premierul “guvernului european” a avut in minte cu aceasta propunere ceea ce s-a intamplat si are loc acum in Ucraina.
4.RAZBOI CU IRANUL? Unul dintre evenimentele asteptate , in principal datorita consecintelor sale pe planul situatiei din Mideast, a fost discursul premierului Israelului in fata Congresului SUA la 3 martie 2015. Aflat in campanie electorala , B. Netanyahu a pledat in fata congresmanilor americani pentru adoptarea unui atitudini dure fata de Iran , abandonarea liniei de incheiere a unui acord cu acesta si , eventual, lovirea militara a instalatiilor nucleare ale Teheranului in scopul intarzierii realizarii  armei atomice .