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The preliminaries of this war between – at least for the most experts in   hierarchies of power within the international system of today – the first two great powers of the world ( or better superpowers ) are at the beginning of 2018.  Since March a salvo of tweets of President Trump reminded, in a way or another,  the fact that USA is pushed to take some measures in order not to be continuously exploited by its partners of trade and to build a new balance in  that regard . Because many of these tweets are registered in the first 10 days of March , we can speculate either that President Trump has considered that time is playing against him economically  and he has to act, or that applying pressure against porimarily on China is beneficial for solving another crisis ( at the time the showdown engaged by President Trump with North Korea , a close ally and on whom Beijing is exercising a tutelage )

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Second part: Reactions of  the  interested experts to that eventuality have been more nuanced, going so far to reach the practicability of G-8. Some tweets written about that issue immediately after Biarritz:
G7/8 needs Russia because without Russia you can’t solve important problems. If that’s what Trump (and to a degree Macron) think, the case for inviting China much stronger. And if Russia, why not India? But then, why three Europeans countries plus EU on the table? 

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