January 2019 | Arhiva | publicatii - Politica La Est

Again, about geopolitical storm - the "yellow vests" phenomenon

What seemed, at the initial stage, that is to say, in the early weekend of November 17, 2018, that it was just a fleeting rebellion over fuel prices, was not confirmed at the end of the next week when Paris and other cities Frenchmen have known manifestations of 'yellow vestS' of tens of thousands of people. In addition to peaceful protests, violent aspects, arson, clashes with the police, which used tear gas and arrested hundreds of protesters in large cities, were also recorded. The widening dimensions of these weekly demonstrations, their contagion to other states, quickly made it possible to talk about this phenomenon of "yellow vests" as one that highlighted the public opinion fracture in France and, in general, in Europe, the determined polarization by the neo-liberal policies of the EU, not least by the resurgence of a certain form of ominous nationalism in the liberal vision for the future of the continent.

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