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Geopolitical storm and an unclear future - the Khashoggi case

In front of a growing wave of criticism, coming from all the cardinal and institutional points, for the decision to withdraw the US troops from Syria (taken inadvertently on Dec. 19), on December 23, President Trump wrote on twitter:

President @RT_Erdogan of Turkey has very strongly informed me that he will eradicate whatever is left of ISIS in Syria ... and he is a man who can do it plus, Turkey is right 'next door.' Our troops are coming home!
8:54 PM - 23 Dec 2018 ".
Trump's decision, following a telephone conversation with Turkish leader Erdogan, triggered an unexpected resignation of Secretary of Defense, General Mattis (operational since February next year) and motivated by the absence of "geopolitical chemistry", ie different orientations against the allies and enemies, Mattis being already considered the "last adult in the room" capable of harnessing the boss of the White House, as well as a hostile reaction by the representatives of the legislatures of both parties, and especially of the note, of Israel .
Of course, on a more informed analysis, the decision was not as unexpected as it is believed. Information that exploded in the international press after Trump's announcement shows that it was a secret understanding of further developments in Syria. Here is the Israeli source this secret understanding: "The Russian forces currently in Syria will take action to curb Hezbollah and Iranian activity there, according to Israel, the United States, Jordan and Saudi Arabia with the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Jordanian official confirmed to Israel Hayom[...]

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