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Korean crisis - Trump closing to a decision

North Korea nuclear crisis is a subject of worries of many experts, given the fact that recently D. Trump has said that it is only one way to tackle with the Communist regime in Pyongyang . The concerns of the experts is that Trump could decide to hit North Korea . The reaction of it could be to hit Seoul area , where  12 millions South Koreans are living, the fatalities being estimated in millions ( letting aside the outbreak of the World War III. Gideon Rachman has redistributed 

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Iranian nuclear deal in spotlight

Donald Trump, who recently has charged   the US Congress to decide   the fate of the Iranian nuclear deal  ( July 2015 ) is commenting on the other powers which signed the deal . Trump has promised during the presidential campaign that he will end the Iranian deal, but refused now to recertify it.
In the image, Iranian Foreign Minister, 
Mohammad Javad Zarif, explaining with humour a very serious situation.

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