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FLASH April 28, 2015



    April 28, 2015

1.  JAPAN, “ A DECLINING POWER” ? It’s rare today in the world to read this kind of  assessment as the following:"We regard ourselves as a declining power. The idea, is for example, [is] the ability and know-how [for the] Maritime Self-Defense Force [to defend] a US ship deployed in a Japanese flotilla; it may be possible to defend a US ship when an attack on that ship does not directly or will not directly threaten Japan's security. But technically even that is not allowed" [...]

ABOUT DISSOLUTION OF RUSSIA. President of Russia, V. Putin has declared that Western leaders  are ready for the Russia’ disintegration as an unitary state. Talking about the Chechen War (   2000 ) , says Putin ,  "My counterparts, a lot of presidents and prime minister told me later on that they had decided for themselves by then that Russia would cease to exist in its current form./…/The only question was when it happens and what consequences would be." [...]

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S300 for Iran - does it help stability?

Does Putin believe that delivery of S300 systems for Iran will help Middle East stability?
By Ivan Lungu

President Putin's announcement on the authorisation of sales of S300 missile systems to Iran generated an unpleasant surprise in Israel, US and most of the European states. The author argues that the decision alters the power balance in the Middle East. It also signals Russia's intention to exert an increased influence in the region. Does it contribute to an increased stability? The author's arguments...

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Flash 23 aprilie 2015

 ROOTS OF DAESH . What is the real story behind the resurrection of the Caliphate - the rebirth of an Muslim world’s old institution which has disappeared with the last Ottoman sultan at the beginning of the Ataturk era in Turkey- in parts of Syria and Iraq, the question –what it is about ? ‘Der Spiegel’ gives us a hint: it started with the death of an unknown person  under the bullets of a Syrian rebel group: “  In fact, not even those who shot and killed him after a brief firefight in the town of Tal Rifaat on a January morning in 2014 knew the true identity of the tall man in his late fifties. They were unaware that they had killed the strategic head of the group calling itself ‘Islamic State ‘ (IS)"

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