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FLASH February 2015 - 1

FLASH February 2015 - 1
                                               Mihail E. Ionescu Ph. D.
Is Piketty right? A critique from China. I suppose many have heard about the success of Thomas Piketty's book, published over a year ago. Its central thesis is that when the rate of return on capital is greater than the rate of economic growth, there will likely be an unequal distribution of wealth and humanity will be divided between a small minority of super-rich and the rest ("We are the 99%"), a situation bound to create social unrest. So there will be widespread instability – wars, revolutions, extremist political movements etc. 

Towards Europe?! Straddling Fault Lines and Choosing Sides in the South Caucasus

Towards Europe?! Straddling Fault Lines and
Choosing Sides in the South Caucasus
Policy Recommendations Study Group Regional Stability in the South Caucasus
The on-going crisis in Ukraine simultaneously distracts and colours perceptions about recent events in the South Caucasus. The international community devotes  as much attention on the Ukraine crisis as it has failed to devote on the conflicts in the South Caucasus. While the Ukraine crisis reminds experts of how regional tensions led to full-blown war twenty years ago, Western leaders seem to be oblivious of the fact that yet another frozen conflict is being concocted at Russia’s periphery, between the European Union and the Eurasian landmass. This also means that the West is no closer to a clearer understanding of the tensions in the South Caucasus, as the sources of those tensions recede ever further into the past, making resolution more difficult.