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US and Europe diverge on trade and many others – is Central and Eastern Europe feeling the pain?

The battle lines are already drawn and it is getting worse – the US administration and European leaders are permanently expanding the list of contentious issues. Most of the countries in the Central and Eastern European region have been trying to avoid taking sides openly in the dispute, although it has been an increasingly difficult game. After all, until not long ago EU and NATO expansion were processes progressing almost simultaneously, and the transatlantic links were rather an enabler. Are the transatlantic controversies going to impact the business climate in the region?


A treia mentiune refera la faptul ca, desi pare incredibil, este posibil - in ciuda unor elemente contrare de mare rezistenta si importanta -  ca intalnirea Trump-Putin de la Helsinki a avut, intre punctele de pe agenda discutiilor, si realinierea geopolitica a Rusiei. Lansez o asemenea ipoteza referindu-ma la un singur element, ciudatenia caruia nu poate scapa totusi nimanui. Este vorba de aparitia in ziarul rusesc ‘Moscow Times’, foarte curand dupa reuniunea de la Helsinki  ( 30 iulie ) , a unui articol care desfasoara o naratiune cu totul contrara axiomelor politicii externe  actuale a Rusiei si deopotriva mentalului colectiv rusesc in mare  proportie. 

Corporatists’ frustrating symbiosis..

Most of my FB friends are frustrated and angered. They went again to the protests, fulfilling their obligations of citizens, but yesterday’s protests seem again futile, as politicians in power did not listen to them. The bad news is that there is no easy solution. A systemic setup resulted from Romania's fast integration into EU and NATO, prevents a quick fix.