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Noua stea a laburismului britanic se numeste Jeremy Corbyn, iar alegerile viitoare- in toamna acestui an- ar putea sa-i confere titlul de lider. Este interesant  ca in ultimul timp – asa cum de altfel este normal- in fata ascensiunii si popularitatii sale s-a interpus un baraj de intrebari referitoare la pozitiile sale atat in domeniul politicii interne si externe. . Cu deosebire, orientarile sale in exterior au atras atentia , au devenit extrem de  dezbatute si au si provocat luari de pozitie ale unor personaje extrem de influente si cu trecut insemnat in istoria laburismului britanic. 

FLASH 13 august 2015

Avertismentul Buzhinsky se confirma atunci devine clar ca tinta strategica urmarita de partea rusa este orasul Mariupol. Soarta acestuia “ a city of enormous economic importance to the Donetsk region, would be grim. Mariupol/…/ is of not only symbolic but vital economic significance to the region, as both a port and vast centre for steel production. It’s also a necessary win for Moscow’s proxies if Russia is to ever establish a ‘land bridge’ from its own territory to illegally occupied and annexed Crimea.”  Ca acest lucru este probabil este demonstrat de faptul ca aceste ciocniri- cele mai puternice de la incheierea in februarie a acordului Minsk-2- sunt desfasurate in aceasta zona.

F L A S H August 6, 2015

The recent cracks in the Saudi ruling family as well as earlier dissent by Prince Sultan and the UAE’s Sheikh Hamdan suggest that the autocratic rule of Gulf families is being challenged, and has been for a longer period of time, by a minority that so far has successfully been outmanoeuvred. Nonetheless, it raises questions about the solidity of Gulf rule as the oil-rich states of the region confront multiple political and security challenges.

FLASH July 20, 2015

After 15 years Iran could ignore the past  constraints and will become legally a nuclear power. In order to block such possibilities Haas has two proposals which should be taken into account for the future: “It is important that the United States (ideally, joined by other countries) let Iran know that any action to put itself in a position to field nuclear weapons after 15 years, though not explicitly precluded by the accord, will not be tolerated. 

FLASH July 4, 2015

For  the respondents belonging to the European states situated in the vicinity of Russia the resumption of the dialogue with Moscow should be linked with the change of its behavior and respect for the existing Euro Atlantic order ( a clear condition to begin any dialogue ); the others ( belonging to the international institutions  and Germany ) are moving between a conditional resumption of dialogue ( international institutions )  and a kind of accepting the Moscow’s revisionist stance ( Germany ) via a “new thinking” shared by both parts.