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Flash - 26 Septembrie

Recently Russia  announced that is deploying its own military forces in Syria, and Western media signaled that it is about  several tanks around an airport and some fighters ready to act alongside the Bashar Al-Assad’s forces. The West-even US President Obama had expressed this opinion - warned Russia that the future of Syria is without Assad. What is worthy to be mentioned in this context also is the fact that the recent Moscow’s move is corresponding to the decision of other great powers interested in the future of Syria, like France and UK. They  already begun to attack ISIL’s positions in that country ( of course, this Western powers’ move could and   should be connected with the not yet solved  EU crisis of the migrants waves). Are we in front of a new episode of the face-off between Russia and the West, which began with the Ukrainian crisis in 2014 or it is about anything else?

FLASH August 26, 2015

Last week, after an incident forged by the North, the legitimate answer of Seoul to the provoking  act  had attracted an ultimatum from the Pyongyang to the South  and the declaration of the semi-war level in the North.  Last Saturday at precise hour, South was called to stop their moves to answer to the  aggressive acts of the North ( artillery shelling towards the South positions and deployment to the sea of their submarines ) , on the contrary a hot war has to be launched. 


A devenit limpede celor care au urmarit cu atentie  evolutia crizei din Ucraina ca scopul urmarit de Rusia depaseste mize des invocate, desigur importante si ele: oprirea extinderii NATO; recunoasterea unei „sfere de influenta” a Rusiei in fostul spatiu sovietic; controlul asupra destinelor Ucrainei pentru a preveni contagiunea unei modernizari de tip occidental ; etc. Rusia vrea , nici mai mult nici mai putin , o rediscutare a arhitecturii de securitate  globale stabilite la sfarsitul Razboiului Rece ( schimbarea acelui „unipolar moment” de care vorbesc expertii americani inca din 1992-1993 , sinonim cu hegemonia sistemica a SUA ).


Noua stea a laburismului britanic se numeste Jeremy Corbyn, iar alegerile viitoare- in toamna acestui an- ar putea sa-i confere titlul de lider. Este interesant  ca in ultimul timp – asa cum de altfel este normal- in fata ascensiunii si popularitatii sale s-a interpus un baraj de intrebari referitoare la pozitiile sale atat in domeniul politicii interne si externe. . Cu deosebire, orientarile sale in exterior au atras atentia , au devenit extrem de  dezbatute si au si provocat luari de pozitie ale unor personaje extrem de influente si cu trecut insemnat in istoria laburismului britanic. 

FLASH 13 august 2015

Avertismentul Buzhinsky se confirma atunci devine clar ca tinta strategica urmarita de partea rusa este orasul Mariupol. Soarta acestuia “ a city of enormous economic importance to the Donetsk region, would be grim. Mariupol/…/ is of not only symbolic but vital economic significance to the region, as both a port and vast centre for steel production. It’s also a necessary win for Moscow’s proxies if Russia is to ever establish a ‘land bridge’ from its own territory to illegally occupied and annexed Crimea.”  Ca acest lucru este probabil este demonstrat de faptul ca aceste ciocniri- cele mai puternice de la incheierea in februarie a acordului Minsk-2- sunt desfasurate in aceasta zona.