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NOTA - 5 aprilie

Cum sprijina twitterul comunicarea stiintifica:
            Intr-un articol publicat la 3 aprilie 2020  in revista ‘ Foreign Policy’- a carui idée centrala este ca actuala evolutie a scenei internationale catalizata de pandemia Covid-19 va duce intr-un interval de timp scurt ( de  1-2ani )  la  consolidarea hegemoniei sistemice a SUA, cu conditia unui management performant al politicii externe americane-  am remarcat urmatorul argument adus de autor  ( reputatul politolog american Stephan M. Walt de la Harvard University   )  in sprijinul acestei teze indraznete :

There is another reason why the United States may get out of this in better shape than one might initially think: the dollar. It remains the world’s reserve currency and is still considered a relatively safe asset in times of economic uncertainty. The rush to safety amid the global economic crisis prompted by the pandemic has strengthened it already, and foreign demand for dollars will make it easier for the United States to borrow. Indeed, according to Paul Poast of the University of Chicago, ‘If anything, the economic turmoil brought about by #COVID19 is simply reinforcing the dollar-dominance.’ Insofar as the dollar has been an important aspect of America’s enduring global influence, then the coronavirus may not do as much damage as one might otherwise think.”[1]
            Intrucat este in curs o dezbatere extrem de serioasa in ce priveste impactul geopolitic al crizei actuale ‘ Coronavirus’ , nu putini fiind expertii  care se indoiesc de capabilitatea unui raspuns pe masura asteptarilor din partea SUA, consider necesar- in textul publicat de noi pe 3 aprilie am folosit pe larg tezele exprimate de profesorul Poast de la Universitatea din Chicago – sa  recurg la o reconstituire inedita a principalelor teze ale simpozionului organizat de acesta si apoi publicat intr-o reputata publicatie stiintifica  . Anume  recompunand de pe contul sau de twitter ( interventiile din 26 si 3 martie  2020 in care in doua ‘siruri’ imbogatite de grafice si extrase din studiul publicat  ) tezele principale sustinute si deopotriva autorii lor:
“ Much of what follows is based on what Carla Norrlof, @Bree_Croteau, @aashna_114, @daniel_mcdowell, @whinecough, Hongying Wang, Benjamin J Cohen, & myself wrote in a recent @ISP_Journal symposium on the continuing dominance of the US $ -March 26
The key idea of that symposium: there are many features of the international system -- economic, financial, and military -- that anchor the dollar's strength as the world's key currency.
The question is this: despite all the worries of $ decline or Liberal Order collapse, the $'s position appeared to be as strong as ever. Why is that? 

The symposium puts forward several possible answers
1.First comes @aashna_114& @whinecough, who, in a nutshell, argue that the dollar's position is so entrenched that folks are likely to continue using dollars because, well, they use dollars.

2. Second is @daniel_mcdowell, who how $ dominance in int'l payments --> US sanctions capabilities. It's a nice application of @ANewman_forward& @fravel"Weaponized Interdependence" @Journal_IS article.

3. Third is Carla Norrlof's solo contribution, which looks at how the US has leveraged its provision of global military security to underpin (coercively) the  $ 's global position. It's a terrific P/erformance /E/xcellence/ of Security contribution to the  symposium!

I especially like this graph in Norrlof's piece, as it shows the post-Cold War rise in the dollar's position: Liberal Order = Dollar Order?

4. Fourth is @Bree_Croteau & me, who offer another PE of Security take by looking at the oil-security-dollar nexus

5  Next is Hongying Wang, who looks ahead: she considers whether the
China RMB could ever overtake the $ as the global reserve currency (Note: the "?" betrays the answer  )

6. Wrapping up the symposium is Benjamin Cohen. He points out that while the pieces are not unified in their vision, they do point the way towards future research

He points out that while the pieces are not unified in their vision, they do point the way towards future research:

7. So that's it! Very proud of this piece. It provides a fresh perspective to the ongoing Liberal Order discussions, and illustrates how @Twitter can be a research idea generator! [END][2]
5 aprilie 2020
[1] Stephen M. Walt, The United States Can Still Win the Coronavirus Pandemic, in  ‘Foreign Policy’ , April 3 ,2020-


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