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         One hour after the midnight between Friday and Saturday last week ( the event it referring to taking place on Thursday ,  August 8 , 2019 )  the Communications Department of Rosatom State Corporation of Russia issued that statement:
As a result of an accident at a military training ground in the Arkhangelsk region, five employees of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom were killed while testing a liquid propulsion system. Three of our colleagues received injuries and burns of varying severity.
The tragedy occurred during the period of work related to the engineering and technical support of isotopic power sources in a liquid propulsion system. At the moment, all the victims have been delivered to a specialized medical institution, they are provided with all the necessary medical care.
On behalf of the huge team of Rosatom, we express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims. Their families will be assisted and supported. The bright memory of our comrades will forever remain in our hearts.” [1]
              Latter, in USA an investigative journalist ( Washington Post )  wrote on her twitter account:

Missile Explosion Prompts Radiation Warnings in #Russia: Greenpeace, citing data from Russia’s Emergencies Ministry, revealed that radiation levels in Severodvinsk briefly reached 20 times normal levels. Greenpeace called on the Russian gov’t to explain.

Missile Explosion Prompts Radiation Warnings in Russia
Was the explosion, which reportedly killed three people, a test of the Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile gone awry?
7:08 AM · Aug 9, 2019·”[2]
              Several minutes after the first tweet,in which she has given the link of the source ,  the journalist retweeted it  with more details:

Worker at the hospital treating those injured in this incident said:”They advise everyone to close their windows & drink iodine, 44 drops per glass of water.” Iodine is used to prevent the buildup of the radioactive isotope Iodine-131 in the thyroid gland.
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Julia Davis
  Aug 9
Missile Explosion Prompts Radiation Warnings in #Russia: Greenpeace, citing data from Russia’s Emergencies Ministry, revealed that radiation levels in Severodvinsk briefly reached 20 times normal levels. Greenpeace called on the Russian gov’t to explain. (link:…
7:14 AM · Aug 9, 2019·” [3]
              “The New York Times “ published an article on August 10, 2019 giving more details about “A mystery explosion at a Russian weapons testing range involved radioactive materials” which was recognized by the Russia authorities. Quoting the atatem of Rosatom company , the author of the article raised the question: “The statement, though, shed little light on exactly what detonated on Thursday at the White Sea testing range. No use for the propulsion unit was mentioned, although President Vladimir V. Putin previously boasted that Russia has developed a nuclear engine for long-range missiles “.[4]  Referring to TASS agency, the article also hinted that perhaps are more victims in the explosion.
         In the Russian closest city to the military base where occurred the explosion it was a sort of panic according to a new tweet of Julia Davis:

#Severodvinsk, #Russia: Locals don't trust gov't claims that all is well. Most pharmacies in the city have been emptied of iodine drops. Emergency workers transporting the injured to hospitals were seen wearing Hazmat suits; ambulance doors were sealed. (link:…
1:36 AM · Aug 10, 2019[5]
And minutes latter another one, with evidences of Russian TV news  ( Nenoksa is the name of the Russian village close to the military base):

Russian nuclear agency confirms role in rocket test explosion: Rosatom says five of its staff died in accident that caused radiation levels to spike in #Severodvinsk. #Russia’s MOD initially said 2 people had been killed, 6 injured in a botched test of a liquid-fueled jet engine.
3:05 PM · Aug 10, 2019”.[6]
              To one of the tweets of Julia Davis somebody from Finland replied:
Replying to
We have real time measurement network of radiation in Finland. You may check if radiation spreads further. In attach picture is marked measurement stations in the Eastern Finland and Severodvinsk in Russia. (link:…
              To a question sent by one of the  followers of Julia Davis, Mr . Luupala , officer by profession , answered :
“ Fenton Hardy
Do you have the Geiger readings of the radiation spikes?

Harri Luuppala
But of course! Anyone has the access to this realltime online NW. Just click the green position mark:...
Early in the morning of August 10, Carl Bildt, former PM of Sweden and  one of the most dedicating politician to the world safety tweeted:

The 9M730 Buresvestnik nuclear powered cruise missile was one of the new “superweapons” that President Putin talked about in his major speech last year. It’s highly likely that it was a test of it that went badly wrong in #Nenoksa, and that wasn’t the first time.
9:32 AM · Aug 10, 2019 from Brno, Czech Republic·Tweetbot for iΟS[8]
Followed several hours latter  by another:

“ @carlbildt
The explosion of the Russian nuclear-powered cruise missile was registered even by the
@ctbto_alerts monitoring system.
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  Aug 10
In response to media queries, and to meet civil society expectations on applications of #CTBTO /Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization -our note/ data beyond the Treaty, we confirm an event coinciding with the 8 Aug explosion in #Nyonoksa, Russia, was detected at 4 #IMS stations (3 seismic, 1 infrasound).[9]
         The Russians were earlier on the twitter ( news site Baza ) and informed about the names of the victims and also how the wounded are treated and where:
Публикуем имена всех пострадавших с диагнозом радиационное облучение: 1. Березин Игорь Андреевич, 2. Плаксин Сергей Сергеевич, 3. Перепелкин Алексей Алексеевич. 4. Абалин Дмитрий Евгеньевич 5. Манюсин Александр Иванович 6. Гришин Сергей Васильевич
Translated from Russian
We publish the names of all victims diagnosed with radiation exposure: 1. Igor Berezin, 2. Sergey Sergeevich Plaksin, 3. Alexey Alekseevich Perepelkin. 4. Abalin Dmitry Evgenievich 5. Manusin Alexander Ivanovich 6. Grishin Sergey Vasilievich
1:07 PM • Aug 9, 2019•Twitter Web App[10]
Все шестеро скоро будут в Москве – их направят в государственный биофизический центр имени Бурназяна. По словам нескольких источников в Минобороны РФ, всю одежду раненых уже сожгли – сразу после госпитализации. Точно также поступили и с костюмами химзащиты и одеждой врачей.
Translated from Russian by
All six will soon be in Moscow - they will be sent to the Burnazyan State Biophysical Center. According to several sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense, all the clothes of the wounded have already been burned - immediately after hospitalization. The same thing happened with chemical protection suits and clothes of doctors.
12:13 PM • Aug 9, 2019•Twitter Web App[11]
В Москву их доставили двумя самолетами. Сейчас их везут в государственный биофизический центр имени Бурназяна.
Translated from Russian by
They were delivered to Moscow by two planes. Now they are being taken to the Burnazyan State Biophysical Center.
1:07 PM • Aug 9, 2019•[12]
              In a space of several hours, the explosion on the Russian military base near the village Nenoksa has been detected and the alarm of the international community – ‘media queries’ , ‘civil society expectations’ to whom CTBC has considered strong enough to answer- is growing.
A crucial question in already on the table:  how to avoid such kind of accidents – and the subsequent  consequences - which is of  supreme international importance and not only the responsibility of the state involved ? 
              Three  thoughts regarding the above  sad story:
         We know now – being said by the Russian authorities- that the accident took place during the test of a new weapon. So, it is about the arms race, already extended to the nuclear field, in order to overcome the rival/ enemy/ competitor.
         Firstly, it is amazing how fast, almost instantaneously, the world realized that something wrong has happened in such cases. There are  adequate monitors everywhere on the globe , there are signals sent immediately- via twitter  or other social   network- that it is a international danger and the response is always to act for minimizing the consequences. It is a new global network in place ready to act and to solve the issue for avoiding the apocalypse . If we are not aware of it up to now, we have to recognize that it is real and active and could not be neglected even by the most powerful powers of the planet. 
         Second. The era of great power competition which today is the main feature of the international system is full of threats. The real race among the competitors for the first seat in the system for updating the nuclear arsenal is – as in  the above detailed case – a new vulnerability for the international security , for the safety of mankind . Accidents due to human errors in manipulation or technical malfunction in the existing nuclear arsenal  and in the process of updating are to be considered as a responsibility of  international community in entirety , not only of the state/states involved . As in the past , when testing the nuclear weapons created a  dangerous environment , well beyond the frontiers of possessor state/states, has imposed  international rules in that field, the same should be taken into account regarding this grave development .
         Thirdly, it is the duty of the great powers engaged in such kind of experiments to act and to settle together the rules of behavior internationally   concerning the eventuality of such kind of accidents , even if that will mean the disappearance of the concept of ‘ military secret’ or ‘ patriotic duty ‘ .
Why?  Because  it is about  the human race survival.
August 11, 2019

[4] Andrew E. Kramer, Russia Confirms Radioactive Materials Were Involved in Deadly Blast, “ The New York Times”. August 10, 2019-


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