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Korean crisis - Trump closing to a decision

North Korea nuclear crisis is a subject of worries of many experts, given the fact that recently D. Trump has said that it is only one way to tackle with the Communist regime in Pyongyang . The concerns of the experts is that Trump could decide to hit North Korea . The reaction of it could be to hit Seoul area , where  12 millions South Koreans are living, the fatalities being estimated in millions ( letting aside the outbreak of the World War III. Gideon Rachman has redistributed  the following :
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this is exactly what I am afraid of
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Trump’s attitude to sufferering on Puerto Rico an ominous indicator of his likely attitude toward fatalities on the Korean Peninsula
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North Korea is believed to be preparing to launch a ballistic missile ahead of an upcoming joint naval drill by the US and South Korea ( a news report on October 14 ).

The Donga Ilbo daily, quoting a government source, said satellite pictures show ballistic missiles mounted on launchers being transported out of hangars near Pyongyang and in the North Phyongan Province.US and South Korean military officials suspect the North might be preparing to launch missiles capable of reaching US territory.
Military intervention against North Korea would have "devastating consequences", said  NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on October 13, after Trump said diplomatic efforts had failed.( http://www.france24.com/en/20171014-n-korea-readies-missile-launch-ahead-us-korea-drill-report )
And  an expert about the distant future. Is he right ?
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China getting growth by focus on future. Trump seems engaged in futile quest to revive industries of past: My take
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