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Iranian nuclear deal in spotlight

Donald Trump, who recently has charged   the US Congress to decide   the fate of the Iranian nuclear deal  ( July 2015 ) is commenting on the other powers which signed the deal . Trump has promised during the presidential campaign that he will end the Iranian deal, but refused now to recertify it; that means that the Congress has to decide if to annul it and reintroduce the sanctions against Teheran. Russia, China,Germany, UK and France – the other parts of the deal- are against. Here are in two tweets the position of Trump: J. Trump ‏Cont verificat @realDonaldTrump
Today, I announced our strategy to confront the Iranian regime’s hostile actions and to ensure that they never acquire a nuclear weapon. ( our bolds )
President Donald J. Trump's Full Remarks:
11:09 - 13 oct. 2017
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Donald J. Trump‏Cont verificat @realDonaldTrump
Many people talking, with much agreement, on my Iran speech today. Participants in the deal are making lots of money on trade with Iran! ( our bolds )
18:02 - 13 oct. 2017
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For Carl Bildt , former PM of Sweden , Trump’s position towards the Iranian agreement means “ sabotage”:
                Carl Bildt‏Cont verificat @carlbildt
Clear stand by UK, France and Germany against Trump’s attempt to sabotage the nuclear deal with Iran. …
01:25 - 14 oct. 2017
An opinion which has its merit about the position of Trump on Iran agreement:
ian bremmer‏Verified account @ianbremmer
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3 Things on Trump/Iran
1. Iran's Revolutionary Guards are already so heavily sanctioned that Trump's new measures don't amount to anything.
 2. There's more uncertainty from kicking Iran deal to Congress.
3. But the "news" is that US remains in the deal. ( our bolds )
11:20 AM - 13 Oct 2017
An official German opinion about the last move of D. Trump in foreign policy. A new field of opposition ?
Christiane Amanpour‏Verified account @camanpour
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Can any areas of Iran Deal be re-opened? German Foreign Affairs Committee Chair: “A clear & brief answer: No.”
 CNN International
Norbert Roettgen
See more at
12:16 PM - 13 Oct 2017

Now an expert opinion which is not telling nothing about the near future:
Richard N. Haass‏Verified account @RichardHaass
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Potus either refers to Iran as a regime or dictatorship but never as a government, suggesting regime change is the ultimate aim of US policy  ( our bolds )
10:00 AM - 13 Oct 2017


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