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FLASH June 6, 2015-II

The second part of our selection of ideas expressed on twitter by the participants of London Conference is referring to hot issues of the today international system, as UK role in the world, crisis in the South China Sea and Middle East, Russia’s imperial assertiveness, Minsk agreements and its shortcomings, the future of EU, challenges for Europe, Pax Americana (is US in retreat?), China’s rise, etc.  There were ideas expressed during the first day of the Chatham House Conference in London (June 1-2, 2015). I consider this selection of ideas, even being listed haphazardly, namely not in an pre-established order (it’s a privilege or limitation of twitter communication?), very useful for becoming aware of the disturbing shape of today international relations.
                                                June 1,2015
1.    Europe faces 3 major challenges – Putinism, Islamism & populism - @carlbildt #LondonConference
2.    Is the UK in a phase of strategic retreat? That was the uncomfortable question at start of #LondonConference. I hope the answer will be no. @carlbildt
3.    Wu Xinbo argues US global power weakened by a stubborn and confrontational US Congress and unwillingness to share power #LondonConference
4.    Soft power only works with hard power behind it. The UK has to be focused where it applies its energies - @PHammondMP #LondonConference
5.    We must be realistic about what defeating #ISIS looks like - it will be a generational struggle - @PHammondMP #LondonConference
6.    We have to lance the EU boil by renegotiating & selling the advantages of engaging with the union - @PHammondMP #LondonConference
7.    US lobbying for a strong & engaged Britain is legitimate & welcome - @PHammondMP #LondonConference
8.    There is a question as to whether the EU wants to develop strategic power through further use of sanctions - @PHammondMP #LondonConference
9.    The jewel in the Foreign Office crown is its bilateral & multilateral network. That must be protected - @PHammondMP #LondonConference
10.Minsk accord would not have happened if UK was involved - stepping back was the right decision - @PHammondMP #LondonConference
11.There are cyclical patterns in international engagement, visible in UK foreign policy around 2000 vs now - @PHammondMP #LondonConference
12.Never underestimate US power - @PHammondMP #LondonConference
13.@PHammondMP @ChathamHouse: UK is clear: Russia sanctions must be sustained until full compliance with #Minsk #LondonConference   Foreign Office (FCO) @foreignoffice
14.Financial crisis shows that real international co-operation is still possible when circumstances demand it - @borgebrende #LondonConference
15.@borgebrende :haven't seen anyone as committed& knowledgeable on Middle East peace than Kerry-but need strong Arab voice #LondonConference Mina Al-Oraibi  @AlOraibi
16.FM @borgebrende and world leading scholars @ChathamHouse on how to strengthen global leadership #LondonConference pic.twitter.com/vPi6RxKtWY
                       Norway MFA @NorwayMFA
17.China's claim to South China Sea islands goes back before most of its neighbours were independent countries - Dr Wu Xinbo #LondonConference
18.China's Wu Xinbo says US seeks to maintain influence in Asia merely "for the sake of holding on to a leadership role". #LondonConference   oliverstuenkel @oliverstuenkel
19.China must learn from failures of US leadership & one size fits all solutions - Dr Wu Xinbo #LondonConference
20.Chinese investment in Africa & Latin America is a good thing for the West as well as China - @Joe_Nye #LondonConference
21.China's rise is greatly exaggerated - economic comparisons based on PPP are misleading - @Joe_Nye #LondonConference
22.Nye says US will stay strongest country,but won't be able to get what it wants done alone-that complicates its leadership #LondonConference Mina Al-Oraibi @AlOraibi
23.Don't count the US out (yet) we do a lot! The US century isn't over @Joe_Nye @CH_Events @ChathamHouse #LondonConference   Patricia Lewis @PatriciaMary
24.Question is not the rise of China but the rise of atrophy, inability to produce global public goods - @Joe_Nye tells #LondonConference   Paweł Świeboda  @pswieboda
25.The decline of the US is leading to a period of geopolitical chaos, but a new equilibrium will form around a few large groups - @SKaraganov
26.Arrived here as @skaraganov said that "Russia has been to complacent for two decades and now we are hitting hard." Well. #LondonConference  Carl Bildt @carlbildt
27.Given US aggression in Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan & Libya, Russia has to ensure it can defend itself - @SKaraganov #LondonConference
28.#LondonConference Russia's Sergey Karaganov says "fighting is Russia's competitive advantage", as compared to "making shoes."  oliverstuenkel  @oliverstuenkel
29."hearing a tired old conversation about nation states - the world is changing" from Senegal author #LondonConference @CH_Events    Patricia Lewis @PatriciaMary
30.Q from audience (Senegal) I'm listening to a statecentric approach to world affairs. Need 2 talk abt non-state actors too #LondonConference   Emily Taylor @etaylaw
31.A freeze on settlements is a prerequisite for Palestine to engage in peace talks. This is not asking much - @borgebrende #LondonConference
32.Europe must take more responsibility for its own security - it cannot always rely on the US - @borgebrende #LondonConference
33.Contradiction of democratisation in Iraq vs failure to support Arab Spring shows US failure of leadership - Heba Al-Nasser #LondonConference

Mihail E. Ionescu,

June 4-5, 2015


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