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FLASH April 28, 2015



    April 28, 2015

1.  JAPAN, “ A DECLINING POWER” ? It’s rare today in the world to read this kind of  assessment as the following:"We regard ourselves as a declining power. The idea, is for example, [is] the ability and know-how [for the] Maritime Self-Defense Force [to defend] a US ship deployed in a Japanese flotilla; it may be possible to defend a US ship when an attack on that ship does not directly or will not directly threaten Japan's security. But technically even that is not allowed". The statement belongs to professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo, Narushige Michishita, being given on the occasion of the signing of a new military agreement between USA and Japan, signed Monday, April 27,  in New York  . Japan, “a declining power”?

          Practically, the document which was signed, qualified as “a big event” is about the new US-Japan defense  guidelines and is destined “ to a major update in their military relationship /…/, one that is expected to lead to a greater global presence for Japan's military while strengthening ties between the two nations on cyber, space and industrial programs, according to a senior US defense official”. Document was signed in the format of both foreign and defense ministers of Japan and USA and stipulates how Japan will be involved as a military partner of USA globally: “Japan will be able to defend regional allies that come under attack, a change that means Japanese missile defense systems could be used to intercept any weapons launched toward the United States — notable, given its close proximity to North Korea, which the official later described as a ‘growing threat’ to regional stability. In addition, expect to see increased Japanese presence around the globe on peacekeeping and humanitarian missions, and potentially also on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations.” Of course, as some experts already have underlined, the content of the document would worry both China  ( Chinese  officials were briefed about the stipulations of the document ) and North Korea because Japan’s projection force will increased as a consequence of the implementation of the  recently signed guidelines. Another Japanese expert,

Jun Okumura, a visiting scholar at the Meiji Institute for Global Affairs in Tokyo, has declared that . "We will wait a long time before a [Japanese] destroyer is conveniently nearby when the Chinese [Navy] attacks the US 7th Fleet.", implying that he is against “expecting Japan to suddenly rise up as a military, expansionist power”. As areas where the bilateral cooperation would be facilitated under the new defense guidelines it was mentioned by the experts cyber defense ( Japan has launched this year a plan on space strategy to be implemented in a decade ) , defense industry ( Japan  has decided to purchase the  F-35 joint strike  fighters and also Global Hawk unmanned system  and low altitude drones ).
          It seems that it is too risky to say that Japan is a  “ declining power” .

See: Aaron Mehta, Paul Kallender- Umezu , US, Japan Strike New Military Agreement,  “ Defense News” , April 27, 2015

       2. ABOUT DISSOLUTION OF RUSSIA. President of Russia, V. Putin has declared for a documentary to be aired soon on Russian official TV that Western leaders  are ready for the Russia’ disintegration as an unitary state. Talking about the Chechen War (   2000 ) , says Putin ,  "My counterparts, a lot of presidents and prime minister told me later on that they had decided for themselves by then that Russia would cease to exist in its current form./…/The only question was when it happens and what consequences would be." The Russian President said that the Russia’s secret services have intercepted communications between the Islamists fighters in North Caucasus and American  intelligence officers and the latter " were actually helping them, even with transportation". President George W. Bush of USA who was approached by Putin on the matter promised that he would “kick the ass” of the American officers. Knowing that the annexation of Crimea in March 2014 is an obstacle to any compromise with West, Putin defended his decision and said that he has no regrets   concerning   that .  Putin said   "It's not because Crimea has a strategic importance in the Black Sea region.  It's because this has elements of historical justice. I believe we did the right thing and I don't regret anything". He also affirms that the West is against the development of Russia as a global power and would like to see it as a “beggar”   .
See: Putin Claims US Helped Russian Separatists, 26 April 2015-http://news.sky.com/story/1472570/putin-claims-us-helped-russian-separatists


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